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If the error logs showed anything note-worthy, I would have. I wasn't even receiving mail logs for Dovecot auth problems until I completely circumvented ISPConfigs set-up. Although unfortunate, the mail system works great with ISP out of the picture.

Tried this AM to set-up and FTP for this client (dropped the file manager, dropped the database, dropped DNS, the whole nine yards) cleaned the overhead in isp's db and mysql db, started all over. Craetion of FTP user doesn't work, so I added a temp user shell to transfer files. Can't login.

Can go straight to file manager (the new one) as root. Know the DNS is right. Not a server config problem. This thing is iron clad. I can operate the whole thing with shell commands all day and night, but this helps users zero. They would even know what Putty was!
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