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Default List of ISPConfig Problems


Not sure if anyone else is having these problems, but it seems that many of the features in ISPConfig have to been done in a different, custom way...features not working.

1. Folder Protection - I am assuming this is supposed to possibly create an .htpasswd file? Generally the password is auto encrypted. This of course can be generated from numerous websites. I tried file protection in ISP and only get either 500 internal server error or it simply doesn't protect.

2. Set backups (folder zip daily, weekly, monthly). Every website on all three servers using ISPConfig writes a folder or two and that's it. Example, I opened a back-up zip that was a wordpress site and it copied wp-content without themes, plugins...only uploaded images! Joomla site...same essential problem.

3. Trying to use suPHP causes 500 internal server error with any website stating "index.php" is smaller than min_uid" After Googling this, most recommendations were to set the uid to 0 (although don't leave it here). Just check and this should let it work. Tried go for suPHP...500 internal server error no matter the configuration.

4. Redirect option does not work....500 internal server error. Tried using full URL extension with and without http:// also with and without trailing / Then tried just the extension with and without first and trailing / Then I tried all of these with flag none, R, L, and both R & L. Internal Server error 500.

What's going on with ISPConfig? I have clients dropping like a rock because they can't use any features at all. Regarding redirect, I had to code into index.php or index.html to force the redirect. Besides setting up the site (hoping all they require is plain CGI php) having a file system and access to phpMyAdmin, nothing really works.

I have three servers now with ISPConfig and they all have precisely the same issues stated above.

Any suggestions? Man I do not want to lease cPanel, but ISP is always bugged or not working in some fashion or another.
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