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Default Postfix port 25??

I dont understund something:

Postfix runs in port 25 or what?
Postfix is el smpt server?
why i can get emails from port 993 Imap with a mail client like Thunderbird? It should to be POP3 at port 110?
Why i can not send emails from Thunderbird using smtp port 25 with tls in a Virtual Server?

I have many dudes because before all were more easy... i am very very confused

I have Ubuntu 8.04 with ISPConfig 2.xx running in VPS like my domain, i can recive emails but i can not send, allways talking that operations are from outside server from a email cliente (Thunderbird)

This is the error message:

Dec 12 23:21:49 virt1016 postfix/smtpd[3865]: warning: SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to saslauthd server: No such file or directory

Thank you very much

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