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Originally Posted by Ghostdare View Post
OK so i've checked your domain. You have problem with your NameServers.

Your NS16.ZONEEDIT.COM doesen't respond .... seems to be down
Your NS14.ZONEEDIT.COM it's up .... but it second - you should put it first.

You dont control your zones from ISPConfig control panel.. those records must be added at

Later edit:
If you want to control your DNS zones.... create at your domain registar with your own NS (Ex: and, of course if you have an static IP. Create this NS record in ISPConfig and the rest of your DNS records (A, MX, CNAME, etc...).

If you are confused, try to buy Till's and Falko manual for ISPConfig it's only 5 Euro.
Thanks ghostdare, i ll try to fixed i changed ns, i dont saw it that only one work, when do you said that i cant control my zones with ispconfig, you mean dont created any record?? just i have to created a records on zoneedit?

Dam sorry i feel like a noob on this.
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