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Originally Posted by Ghostdare View Post
That is a lot of text there so I got confuse in it. This is the DNS from one of my site maybe it will help you.

A 0
A beta 0
A mail 0
A ns 0
A www 0
CNAME www 0
MX 10
NS 0

Don't forget the dot after... i've mark them with red colour.

Hi men, thanks for you help, i show my config of my records on my ispconfig panel, but if i get (is a tool), he show me a several erros, i cannot receive email, i can send them but i cant receive. on show me a error about MX, but i created on my ispconfig panel, a question is, i have to do something more on my ispconfig panel?? or i have to created something record on my domain panel control??? on my domain panel control i just created a record type A so redirect on my ip public, but i dont know if i have to created another record.

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