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Default Ispconfig 3 and created zones dns

Is something wrong with a creation zones dns on ispconfig 3?? i mean when i created one zone to my domain (, ispconfig 3 created this:
A 0
A mail 0
A www 0
MX 10
NS 0
NS 0

i created on my domain panel a registres type a and But i used and show me this.

Category Status Test name Information


TLD Parent Check: WARNING: Looks like the parent servers do not have information for your TLD when asked. This is ok but can be confusing.

DNS Parent sent Glue: The parent nameserver is not sending out GLUE for every nameservers listed, meaning he is sending out your nameservers host names without sending the A records of those nameservers. It's ok but you have to know that this will require an extra A lookup that can delay a little the connections to your site. This happens a lot if you have nameservers on different TLD ( for example with nameserver


NS records from your nameservers: NS records got from your nameservers listed at the parent NS are:
Oups! I could not get any nameservers from your nameservers (the ones listed at the parent server). Please verify that they are not lame nameservers and are configured properly.

Mismatched NS records: WARNING: One or more of your nameservers did not return any of your NS records.

Same Glue: Hmm,I do not consider this to be an error yet, since I did not detect any nameservers at your nameservers.

Mismatched NS records: WARNING: One or more of your nameservers did not return any of your NS records.

DNS servers responded ERROR: One or more of your nameservers did not respond:
The ones that did not respond are: ( is my ip ns record)

Multiple Nameservers: ERROR: Looks like you have less than 2 nameservers. According to RFC2182 section 5 you must have at least 3 nameservers, and no more than 7. Having 2 nameservers is also ok by me.

Nameservers are lame ERROR: looks like you have lame nameservers. The following nameservers are lame: ( is my ip ns record)

Missing nameservers reported by your nameservers You should already know that your NS records at your nameservers are missing, so here it is again:


SOA record No valid SOA record came back!

MX Records Oh well, I did not detect any MX records so you probably don't have any and if you know you should have then they may be missing at your nameservers!

WWW A Record Your A record is: [] ( is my ip public).

I dont modify nothing, i just created with ispconfig panel and registre ns1 and ns2, and on my domain panel to. My website is see on, but i cant resolve if i type, i send emails but i cant receive. If i type nslookup MX

Non-authoritative answer:
*** Can't find MX: No answer


nslookup ns

** server can't find ns: NXDOMAIN

Any help, i mistake something??

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