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Question nginx + php-fpm = various problems for SOME sites inc 500 or 404 or no input file

I've got 5 sites on Ubuntu 11.10 with ISPC and Nginx 1.0.10

2 of them are running just fine - 1 running phpbb, the other a shopping cart (Zen Cart) with ssl. In order to make Zen Cart work, I had to make these changes to workaround a php bug,2...664#msg-219664
phpbb works with or without those changes.

But for sites I recently create, I get a 404 or a 500 or "No input file specified.".
It seems to change every time I do I restart php5-fpm which I have to do manually as ISPC doesn't do that.
But the crazy thing is, if I browse to a text file, it'll show it, but most of the time if I try a php file, like phpinfo, it'll say "file not found", even though I can see it right there in ftp in the same folder as the text file with the correct permissions, and the only difference with the try_files for php is to the working site is the php socket. And I've checked that the php for that pool is running via ps, and there's no startup error in the fpm log.

I've badgered my VPS host and now have 5 separate IPs, each site running on it's own IP.

I've put http_debug and in the debug log, I'm seeing debug info for one of my other sites mixed in with it!

I've printed out the fpm pool configs and the nginx conf files for the sites and compared them. I've made sure the users and groups and owner and permissions and open_basedir are correct. I've looked in the fpm logs and the nginx logs and it doesn't even give a clue. I've checked the symlinks, I've tried the real path instead of the symlink, I've checked the IP addresses...

I've rebooted the whole server, I've taken the sites offline and back online, I've even tried deleting and re-creating the sites.

I'd really appreciate some help here - I've been at this all yesterday and most of today and slept 3 hours last night and I've exhausted pretty much every relevant thread here, on the Nginx forums (which are almost completely lifeless) and StackOverflow.

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