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Originally Posted by falko View Post
You can use password-based SSH logins without these fields - they are needed only for key-based logins.
I did not understand, I do not know the key-based logins and password-based SSH logins
I have an other problem, i try to add a user
PHP Code:
        $username $_POST['username'];
$password crypt($_POST['password']);
$query=$db->prepare('INSERT INTO  client(username, password)
        VALUES (:username, :password)'
$query->execute()){echo 'yes';}
The user is created in the DB but i can't use it for connection, i have this message when i try to login in ISPC :

Username or Password wrong.
I think that there are a problem with the password hashing, we must use cryt, no ?

EDIT :Even if i change the password from my admin account i cannot connect….
For information, i have give in the DB ONLY the username and the password

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