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Default lately setup of glusterfs for mail and web?

Hey all,

is it possible to setup a second server with only
-mysql (as slave configuration)
- postfix with same mysql_virtual* + (my.cnf)
- Apache

and use glusterfs for redundant
+ Heartbeat for IP Service
all other services are not needed. on slave.
the slave server sql DB is read only (mysql)

or could occour any Problems ?

and one more Question:
i had to restore an Backup from an ISPConfig 3 Server,
by the mysql files, i had to remove all the Systemusers by my self.
Is there a way to write a dump without the systemusers, to that i can import it on a "fresh installed new isp3 Server" ?
the whole process took longer than 4 hours to restore the whole Server..

Thanks all!
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