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Because I didn't find a solution to my problem and from what I see not too many users are trying to help me I decide to do this scenario:

Web Server 1:, IP address:
Web Server 2:, IP address:
Virtual IP address that floats between http1 and http2:

1. Configuring A High Availability Cluster (Mirror) with Heartbeat like here:

2. Installing A Web, Email And MySQL Database Cluster (Mirror) On Debian Squeeze With ISPConfig 3
using this howto:

3. Setting Up Unison File Synchronization Between The Servers using this howto:

4. Secure the server like here:
Extending Perfect Server - Debian Squeeze [ISPConfig 3]

What I'm trying to build:
- A High Availability Cluster With Failover
- if one server go down the mirror take his place
- sync the files (webfiles, mail) between two servers (main server and the mirror)

but I have couple questions:

1. Do you think this is the best solution? I'm missing something?
2. Do I need to install only Heartbeat or do I need to install other (like HAProxy, ldirectord)
3. In the howto I saw that every time for High-Availability Load Balancer I need 4 servers. Can I do it with two servers, so it balance between them?
Setting Up A High-Availability Load Balancer (With Failover and Session Support) With HAProxy/Heartbeat On Debian Lenny
4. Can the Virtual IP address be a public IP and the IP's from server be local IP's ??

Here's a little diagram that shows what I want:

shared IP=
| |
+---+---+ +---+---+
| http1 | | http2 |
+-------+ +-------+
haproxy haproxy
heartbeat heartbeat

I will really appreciate your help.

Thank you
Iulian HALAC

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