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Hey Falko,

Ok, I have since made a discovery that has to have something to do with this. I have 2 boxes. Both using the EXACT same everything. They were built using The Perfect server ISPConfig 3 and Fed. 14 x86_64 and Dovecot. Box one mail works fine. So, for me the first thing I like to do is follow file paths and see what's inside the one that works vs. the one that's not. Especially since they are identical. Here is what I found:

/etc/postfix/ and - same

Box 1 (working mail) /etc/dovecot.conf versus box two

Box 2 (not working) also contains /etc/dovecot.conf BUT it also contains a Dovecot folder as well off of /etc like

/etc/dovecot/ with folder conf.d and file dovecot.conf. Inside of /etc/dovecot/conf.d/ are 13 CONF files (auth, imap, pop, pop3, etc.) and 9 auth EXT files.

Strange. The first box does not have the folder 'Dovecot' off of /etc/ This has to be the conflict of some sort, but I don't want to willy nilly delete it.

Thanks Falko!
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