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Default monitor bandwidth via mrtg logs Error on Nagios


I have installed Nagios 3.2.3 with Nagios Plugins 1.4.15, Net-snmp 5.7.1 to Ubuntu 11.10. I am getting following errors message when I try to monitor bandwidth via MRTG logs,

"check_mrtgtraf: Unable to open MRTG log file"

Here is the script of my switch.cfg:

# Monitor bandwidth via MRTG logs
define service
use generic-service
host_name linksys-srw224p
service_description Port 1 Bandwidth Usage
check_command check_local_mrtgtraf!/var/lib/mrtg
/!AVG!1000000,1000000!5000000,50000 00!10

* There is NO mrtg in /var/lib/ directory
* But there is check_mrtg and check_mrtgtraf plugins in /usr/loacl/nagios/libexec directory

Do anyone can help me about this problem?
Thanks in advance...
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