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Hey till,
Thanks for your reply!

I didn't know that, I guess.. But when thinking about it, how logical it sounds I guess I was too tired last night
That seems to fix incoming on the server, also outgoing seems to work in some way.. it works to my ISP mail, but it doesn't work to mails on another webhosting company

This could however either be my server, it could be a relay problem on the way and it could be my other webhosting company.

Probably one or both of the last two..

I know that this isn't anything with ISPConfig, but is there something I can try there to see if it is my other "old" webhosting company that has problems?

I also tried sending from my ISP mail to my old webhosting company and that worked.. while sending from my new webhosting to my old, doesn't seem to work or it's delayed quite a bit..

Could it be my new ISPConfig system that delays it? I have nothing in the mail queue log and nothing comes up in the mail warn or error log either
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