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Question Router port and DNS settings on multiserver system

My existing config:
- only one IP from ISP (unfortunately static IPs not avail., but 1/2 has been the same when router always on, have to live with that)
- Buffalo ADSL router (NAT etc. on)
- (all servicies) on static 192.168.xx.yyy and set as DMZ (i.e all ports open) (debian squeeze)
- other "inner-circle" router for home network 192.168.xx.z
- domainname set malually to public-IP (on providers NS1 and NS2)

Thanks to "one server only" setup has been quite easy, but now I need more power on mysql-side thus planning for dedicated server (like your db.example.tld) (I will keep using also server1.example.tld for other mysql-tasks, both would need "Remote Access"-option)...

Based on multiserve-howto, 2nd server basics should be easy to follow.
Also DNS would be modified...

Now questions:

1. do I need to use my own DNS i.e I have to change my domain settings
(or ISP-server1 (with DNS) would take care)?

2. How to setup router (as I'll assume my DMZ-approach might not be enough)
i.e do I have to use different (incomming ports for mysql-servers? (unfortunately Buffalo does not have port change on port-forward function, which would be easy to use and keep same ports).

3. Or do I need more public-IPs to make it happen?

Thanks again for great support
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