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Originally Posted by neofire View Post
can i ask what your intending to build i might be able to recommend some things
thanks neofire!

we have an existing system with a web server that is almost constantly overloaded, it's a quad core. it's not very redundant. We also have a couple other servers that don't do much. So I want to put those inside the ESXi host, and turn the web server into 2 or 3 VM web servers load balanced with PFSense. With 12 cores on the VMhost, hopefully this will perform better than the current web server.

Then if all goes according to plan, add a second identical VMhost with all identical VMs and set it up with the PFSense failover setup.

By doing all this I hope we will
a) improve the performance of the site by spreading the load over several VMs
b) have a redundant system so there will be no downtime due to hardware failures
c) free up valuable rack space by going from 3 towers to 2 1Us
d) move our systems towards VM for backups, clones and hardware independence
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