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well tbh i am struggling to figure out what kind of storage i will need for my vmhosts in production. I figure we'll have about 6-8 VMs running on each.

Will I notice performance issues or would we get by just fine with onboard SATA drives?
Or will we have to spend more for
onboard SAS drives
onboard RAID (w SATA or SAS drives)
external SAN (3ware raids with SATA drives)
or something more?

From reading it sounds like you really have to test it and see... I can imagine my boss won't like shelling out all that cash for a vmhost server if we then test it and see that performance is poor and we need to spend another $5K+ for SAN... I'm thinking to go with a couple onboard SAS drives for the heavy access servers and SATA for the lighter ones, and see how it goes...
thanks for any suggestions!
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