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Originally Posted by 3zzz View Post
Is it possible to set up PFsense load balancing for testing all within a single (LAN) subnet, and if so how?
I have the basic test bed working now and wanted to document my progress;
incidentally this is all inside a single ESXi5 VM Host.
My LAN (the real LAN, not the PFSense test bed LAN) is with the gateway

Pfsense: WAN IP
Pfsense: WAN GW: None (this was key!)
Pfsense: LAN IP
Pfsense: Load Balancer Virtual IP:

Pool Server1: IP
Pool Server1: GW
Pool Server2: IP
Pool Server2: GW

Now when I access from my desktop's browser to I see the web content served from the pool servers!

1) The LoadBalancer Virtual server IP matches the PFSense WAN IP.
2) The pool servers use PFSense LAN IP as their Gateway.
3) With the PFSense WAN GW set to the actual LAN GW of, the Pool servers then have access to the internet, but in my Desktop Web Browser I can't access the Virtual Server IP until I set PFSense WAN GW to none.
4) If a 192.168.1.X address is added to the pool servers for local accessibility, the Virtual Host stops working.
5) The DNS for the hostname must point to the Virtual Server ip (at least in the case of my websites)
6) If using a non-standard port, it needs to be the same on both the pool and virtual servers (at least in the case of my websites)

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