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Default PFsense load balancing how?

I would like to try PFsense for load balancing web servers, but I spent all day trying to set up a test bed on my LAN and haven't been able to get it to work.

I tried setting up a new pfsense box and then setting up the virtual according to the above "how-to". For testing, I would like to set this all up on the LAN. When I do that, the virtual address is never ping-able and I can't connect to the virtual server or failover, even though the status says it is up.

So I tried creating a second private network 192.168.2.X and using that as the WAN, and doing that, I was able to ping the virtual ip, but it still would not serve from the web servers no matter what.

Is it possible to set up PFsense load balancing for testing all within a single (LAN) subnet, and if so how?
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