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Default Remote API

Okay.. I'm at it again.. I swear, I don't know how ISPConfig accomplishes some of the things it does sometimes. Alright, so I'm working on some integration with another package and I'm requiring a new remote function.. How do I add a specific function the remote 'functions_list'?

I understand from the form in remote_user.tform.php that I need $functions_list
'remote_functions' => array (
'datatype' => 'TEXT',
'formtype' => 'CHECKBOXARRAY',
'regex' => '',
'errmsg' => '',
'default' => '',
'value' => $function_list,
'separator' => ';',
'width' => '',
'maxlength' => '',
'rows' => '5',
'cols' => '30'
What I see is in lib/remote.conf.php
$function_list['server_get,get_function_list,client_templates_get _all,server_get_serverid_by_ip'] = 'Server functions';
I don't understand how that equates to bunch of functions inside the database per each user added.. So given that, what steps am I suppose to go through when I'm adding a new remote function to allow checkPerm to work correctly?
-- RLB

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