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Default Changed FQDN with an older version and now using SSL with the old domain


I have followed somewhere on this forum a post on how to change my FQDN of my server with at the end running the file.
Everythings work fine. So i have upgraded my ISPConfig server to version 3.0.4 and while choosing the preferred options i have enabled the SSL login...

My problem is; my old domaine name will expire, and with the SSL enabled by default the old domain is only available and not the new.

For example, let's say my old domaine is : domain1.tld

With the older version i was accessing the panel with http://hostname.domain1.tld:8080

With the panel updated to 3.0.4 and SSL enabled, the panel is only available from the old domain and not https://hostname.domain2.tld:8080/

Have you an idea how to help me, do i need to reinstall completely ? Or i am forced to use the old domain ?
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