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Default need help with my query script. any help greatly appreciated

Im having trouble getting my login to work on my site.
it keeps telling me query failed, but when i echo out the username and password it matches the one on the server so i dont understand why its not working. heres a link to my site
Im a new programmer by the way very noob.

PHP Code:
$db mysqli_connect($server$user$password$database);
$salt "45Gxkj9583lPMdxoekfg"
$user $_POST['username'];
$pass crypt($_POST['password'], $salt);
"<h2>welcome you are now logged in ".$user." ".$pass."</h2><br />\n";
$sql "SELECT username, password FROM faculty WHERE username = $user AND password = $pass";
$result mysqli_query($sql,$db) or die('Query failed: ' mysql_error($db));
        if (
mysql_num_rows($result) == 1)
//successful login
echo "<h2>Welcome  You are now logged in.</h2>\n";
// not successful
$page file_get_contents("err_login.html");
            //$_SESSION['valid'] = 1;
            //$_SESSION['user'] = $username; 
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