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Default Question about PFSense Load Balancer

Greetings all,

I have read the "HowTo" here and I am interested in trying this for a new production network:

I noticed the author writes "if this is your edge firewall I would recommend a physical machine"

Is this so that PFsense will have dedicated CPU resources to handle the load balancing? Are there other considerations?

I had been considering putting everything onto VMWare ESXi hosts including a PFSense cluster, based on the 2 tutorials here

1) Installing pfSense in VMware
2) "Building a fully redundant Cluster with 2 pfSense-systems between WAN/LAN with CARP & pfsync / pfSense CARP & pfsync failover-simulation"

But maybe I'll need to run separate hardware for the PFSense cluster?
Will be trying some experiments over the next week or 2 to see if I can figure this out... appreciate any advice, TVMIA
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