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At first, I was doing a select on the "client" table and using the "client_id" directly.
Thats absolutely ok and the preferred way.

Also, it is my understanding that the sys_userid is the "system id" of the person currently logged in.
Thats correct too.

How would this work in the case of a remote user (since this is required to use the API to begin with) - or - am I missing something?
Remote users are no ispconfig users, they dont exist in the permission scheme. A remote user is only there to restrict the access to the remote api.
All functions that get executed by a remote user have admin permissions. So basically the remote user is a ISPConfig administrator.

The client_get_id function is used when you need to know which client owns a record. E.g. you querid ispconfig for a mail domain and you want to know the owner of that domain.
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