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Default Ispconfig3, Basic Branding proposal

As I can see, we have to create a new theme or we have to mess up with the ISPConfig files, so as to make a basic branding (logo, fonts, colors).

After the new update, the change to jquery broke my custom theme so I had to do sth for my basic branding.

Here is what I did

- I appended to next file :
this line:
@import url(custom.css)
I created the custom.css with the next default contents:
@charset "UTF-8";

@media all
/******** custom css must be written between here *******/

/*****************  and here  *********************/
Between the brackets we can write our own css and as this is the last css included, it will overide all the others

- I created the folder:
so that I can upload my custom logo. The last step is not necessary as I can use a logo from any other web site.

My proposal is just the inclusion of a statement to import a custom css file, so as we don't need to mess with the core files and our customisation will not be overwritten by a future update.
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