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Default Add Mailfiltering to the Falko howto Postfix Guide Query

I have installed the said guide to my existing Virtual Mail with Postfix on Debian.
The installation was successful and that I had no problem with my mailing system.

Yesterday, I added an account on the mail system, thru phpmyadmin, and sent an initial email to the said account so that a mailbox will be created. But I had an error on my mail.log the error is that it comes from maildrop, it can't create the mailbox of the said account. I tried doing a manual creation of the mailbox, after I had done this, there was no error encountered anymore.

My query is, how can I make the creation of the mailbox for a newly created account automatic, just like when maildrop wasn't installed yet, when an initial email is sent to the new account, postfix and vmail will automatically create a mailbox. (One of my thoughts is to create a PHP script to do this)
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