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Originally Posted by falko
Within the remoting plugin there's a file with examples how to use it. Did you have a look at it?
Of course, the remoting plugin works only with ISPConfig, not with Plesk.
I've checked it out.. and i am sorry to say that i don't really know how to do it.
Can you help me figure this out? I would happely help you in any other thing you might need.. maybe i can compensat it with a web design (professional) you might need ?

I also have another problem. I have this rented server and i need to send a bunch of emails to clients. They didn't opted but they can always refuse to receive it.
I need a powerfull too that can send a large quantity of email (i don't know how big it will grow since my clients are comming in and if they like it they add their clients). Do you have any suggestions ?
Also, have any idea how can i pass those email blockers ? Those all go to junkmail!

Thank you a lot!
you can contact me at design at, i am Claudio
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