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I made it work:

In conf.php, modify the following:

        "AUTH_DRIVER" => array(
                "NAME"          => "ftp",
                "OPTIONS"       => array(
                        /* Id of the repository defined below */
                        "REPOSITORY_ID" => "dynamic_ftp",

                        /* Existing admin in the sense of ajaxplorer admin, to avoid alert at startup */
                        "ADMIN_USER"    => "admin",

                        /* If you want your use to connect any FTP they want, set this to TRUE */
                        "FTP_LOGIN_SCREEN" => "false",

                        "TRANSMIT_CLEAR_PASS"   => true)

$REPOSITORIES["dynamic_ftp"] = array(
        "DISPLAY"       => "FTP",
        "DRIVER"        => "ftp",
        "DRIVER_OPTIONS" => array(
                /* SEE access.ftp/manifest.xml for all available FTP parameters */
                "FTP_HOST"              => "",
                "FTP_PORT"              => "21",
                "PATH"                  => "/",

    /* use current ajax credentials */
                /* If you want your use to connect any FTP they want,
                        forget options above, and set this one to true*/
                "DYNAMIC_FTP"   => "False",

                /* Set this to "rw", this will be the default rights for users */
                "DEFAULT_RIGHTS" => "rw"
This will allow the user to login with his ftp user/pass directly to his home directory.

the problem is that, if the user writes a wrong user/password, it will login to ajax and will popup an error, but he will remain logued as the wrong user in ajax... I have to see how to workaround this...
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