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Default ISPconfig detect courier instead of dovecot

Dear Forumembers,

My problem is easy: ispconfig installer/updater script doesn't detect dovecot server and not configure it. When i reconfigure the services with update.php it always says "Configure Courier". But i don't have courier imap server.

My config is centos 5.7@x86_64, ispconfig 3.0.4 with the atrpm's dovecot packages.
I followed that instructions from

The core of ispconfig is working, i can create email accounts and websites, and i can sending emails, but i don't recieve.

Reconfigure Services? (yes,no) [yes]:

Configuring Postfix
Configuring Mailman
Configuring Jailkit
Configuring SASL
Configuring PAM
Configuring Courier
Configuring Spamassassin
Configuring Amavisd
Configuring Getmail
Configuring MyDNS
Configuring Apache
Configuring vlogger
Configuring Apps vhost
Configuring Database
Updating ISPConfig


Any idea?

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