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I think i know the reason why this can be happening, to correct it i need to set more control in the postfix queue, due that i am conecting to the internet via dialup i am thinking that postfix is trying to send too many mails at the same time that have this attachments size, and of course they are gona get stuck trying to be delivered 5 or 10 messages of the same size in a just 56kb internet conection.

for this is there a way that i can configure postfix to send the messages that have in the queue one by one instead of so many at the same time?

in the mail log everithing is just normal, in fact it delays some more time than before to notifiying me that a message was sended, and ocasionally it mentions to me a timeout while trying to conect the external,
this is the reason why i am thinking that if there are many mails of big size being delivered at the same moment the conectivity is not enough to handle so many file uploads and in some request it is giving to me alternates timout waiting in some cases.

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