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so when the update runs through the webgui the apache2 php.ini is used, right?
No. The gui sets just a flag in the mysql database and the update is run trough cli. The gui has no permissions to alter any config files on the server, so it can not install a update.

So if you did not modify the cli php.ini, then the problem must be related to something else, or your php binary uses the apache php.ini. Did you install the php binaries from debian or did you get them from another source like dotdeb?

I'am a bit astonished that you dont have a cgi php.ini, as thats present on all of my Debian systems which are installed as described in the perfect setup guide.

$server_db_record = $app->db->queryOneRecord("SELECT * FROM server WHERE update = 1 AND server_id = ".$conf['server_id']);
This code is not used, its commented out.
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