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Originally Posted by till View Post
Thats something different, its just a broken more link.
ISPConfig uses 3 different php.ini files, you can disable these functions safely in the apache2/php.ini and the cgi/php.ini, but dont disable any functions in the cli/php.ini as nearly all functions you blacklisted are required. By the way, disabling shell functions for shell scripts does not make sense anyway, as the cli php.ini is for shell scripts like the ispconfig server and update scripts only.
the problem is most of the time between keyboard an chair.
ok, but i modified only apache2/php.ini but not cli/php.ini

so when the update runs through the webgui the apache2 php.ini is used, right?
The manual update "php -q update.php" did run because it ruses /cli/php.ini

but does this explain not why the cron job (cli?) doesn't find any changes, may be there is a permission clue?

and i did not understand the "update=1" in server.php because in table server is no field named "update". so the result is no true...

$server_db_record = $app->db->queryOneRecord("SELECT * FROM server WHERE update = 1 AND server_id = ".$conf['server_id']);

i found no cgi/php.ini on my server.

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