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Originally Posted by till View Post
@HermannS: Maybe you can give me a hint of what might have caused this problem on your server. Have you disabled any php functions in php.ini or did you do any other changes which might cause php to fail to write files? I tested the update many times and I'am not able to get it to fail in a way that 0Byte files get written by PHP.

Which tutorial did you use to install your server and have you modified any config files after the initial setup?
thanks, i wrote 0 in the server at updates, the system protocol shows my change but the job queue remains undone.
also the ‹bersicht anzeigen show the old status info and on klick to more information the link disappears but nothin' happens.

i installed the official debian tutorial, all worked then perfect.

for security reasons i disabled in php.ini a lot of functions because i had some unwanted visitors (c99_):
disable_functions ="symlink,shell_exec,exec,proc_close,proc_open,pop en,system,dl,passthru,escapeshellarg,escapeshellcm d,myshellexec,c99_buff_prepare,c99_sess_put,fpasst hru"

i think the shell_exec, or exec causes the failure.
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