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Default ispconfig 3.0.4 update failed

i had similar problems after a upgrade yesterday from to 3.0.4. After doing the upgrade via ISPconfig Websystem, i had no access. I did research many things, because users don't get mail and also ftp and sasl don't work anymore.

in short: many files had 0 byte size and it was not so easy to find them
thanks god there was sometimes a copy with attached tilde symbol.
Look at the following files and restore them if necessary:

/usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/ (restored from /tmp/ispcon...)

(same as above, written in a thread and modified the dbispconfig user and password and db name at line 66, using the dbispconfig user and a 32 char password)

/usr/local/ispconfig/server/lib/mysql_clientdb.conf (root mysql db account, restored also from /tmp/ispcon...)

(change line 127 to
$conf['postfix']['vmail_mailbox_base'] = '/var/vmail';
<- hard link to vmail inserted because otherwise it breaks the update
------ these files are for redoing the update with php -q update.php-----

after doing the update again it runs through and the webgui starts again but some services doesn't run. i found the following as 0 byte files.

/etc/mydns.conf (mydns don't run)
i simply copied the copy in the same dir over it.

in /etc/postfix/.header_checks, body_checks, nested_header_checks 0 bytes doesn't matter.
check also /etc/apache2/sites-available/ispconfig* files and 0 byte files

now all services runs and also the WebGui, but no changes in guy can be done because they all remain endless in the job queue. The script runs every minute and reports nothing to do. Log doesn't show anything. mysql database is repaired and i deleted many old entries in sys_datalog and sys_remoteaction.
@till: can you give a hint?

the status page shows not 3.0.4 but the old and not status pages or protocols are refreshed since yesterday morning.

But thumbs up for ispconfig and the developers.

i listed changes with
>ls -latr in reverse time order to evaluate what changed

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