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Hi Till!

I've created the user ispconfig and startet again with the update after i have had restored parts of my system/files... but without success :-(

I've decided to hardcode the update.php/update.lib.php... I commented out the DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS and CREATE DATABASE parts, than I executed the update - without any problems.

After the update I logged into the webinterface.... perhaps it was a cache problem from Firefox - there weren't any icons. Titels, Subtitels, etc. were unformated. I used the update button for ispconfig 3 in the interface and rebooted the server. After reboot only the webserver seemd to be ok and the interface was fine. I thought to restore my server would be a better idea, but I've tried to click in every formular in the interface on the save button and now it is all ok.

I don't know if it was a clever idea. But it was the "perfect setup" step by step and there weren't any changes to the system which avoid the function of an update.

I will have an intensive look the next days and I will post any findings.
If you have any questions or further ideas to prevent/solve problems let me know.

Thank you for supporting me!

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