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Default mount is the answer :-)

Originally Posted by Amorphous View Post
are there any settings i need to make in Centos so the disk used will be /dev/mapper/vg_s1-lv_home ??

Just to make sure I understand your problem correctly:

You have /var/www on your 50 GB large root partition and instead you want it on the 2TB large one, correct?

If so, that shouldn't be a problem. The shell command you are looking for is mount .

You can create a new directory (say "/home/www") on the 2TB partition, then use something like "mount --bind olddir newdir" (OR --rbind OR --move) to "redirect" /home/www to /var/www.

Also, I'd suggest you move your data from /var/www to /home/www first and only then use mount on empty /var/www. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to (easily) access the data there. If you need to take the changes back, use umount.

Good luck.
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