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Cool Updated to 3.0.4, monitoring overview broke


I updated ispconfig from 3.0.3 (I believe) to latest 3.0.4 via root shell. No errors during update.

Everything seems to work except "System State (All servers)".

--- on green background ---
Server: *** (Debian Squeeze/Sid)
ISPConfig 3.0.4
State: ok (0 unknown, 0 info, 0 warning, 0 critical, 0 error)
More information...
However, there are updates available and my hard disk space is low (87%).
"Show disk usage" and "Show update state" report that correctly, just the overview page is green.

Also, when I click the "More information...", no more info appears (I get the same text as above except the more info link).

So, where do I look for the problem? There are just some PHP notices in apache log and nothing relevant that I could find.

EDIT: It has been cca 24 hours since update.

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