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Default Frustrated with ISPConfig install!

I want to post this while I am ranting about it: I have been trying to install ISPConfig for two weeks, and it keeps bombing! Here is my system stats, and I will post the log later when I get home:

CPU: Intel P4, 1.8 gHz
Mem: 512 meg PC133
HD: 80 gig, with 4 gig swap
OS: Mandrake 10.2/2005 SE

I followed the "How-To" exactly (several times, in fact). There are several libs and files they tell you to install that don't appear to be included with the Mandrake 10.2 / 2005 SE distro, so I have had to go hunting for them (and all the dependant modules, also). I still get to a cetain point, and it gives me the "PHP does not work with your version..." error.

ANY ideas? Anyone else experience this? I will post the text from the log later.


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