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My idea is:
At this moment my script has 2 options:
1. normal kernel compilation from source code - works.
2. kernel compilation with ubuntu patches - works.
3. option is not done yet. and it should be compile kernel with 3rd party configuration file (like redhat el 6 ).

Within all these options I have to manually change (like is described in URL you pointed to) configuration.
I would like to amend my script to NOT to use manual intervention. Is it possible to generate default configuration file automatically ? And why I need this ? Because I am going to have all the time the last default config changes.

- Let's say I have some settings for i7 2600 sandy bridge.
- compare it with generated configuration file with default settings - I would like to know how to do it without manual intervention ?
- apply my changes to default config file.
- compile kernel with this new config.

if this is wrong - so I am looking for some another attitude satisfied not to manually make config changes :-)
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