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OK - could you point me to an example my.cnf please that runs fine with ISConfig3?
the default configuration of all supported Linux distributions is fine. No need to alter them, jsut add:

max_connections = 500
max_user_connections = 500

in the [mysqld] section of the file.

Exactly. With ISPConfig 2 on a much weaker machine and the same occupation, I've almost never had these logs.
Comparuing ispconfig 2 and 3 makes no sense. The setup is not comparable. Thats is as if you compare windows with Linux.

ISPConfig 3 handles much higher loads then ispconfig 2.

25 so far. ISPConfig2 handled more that 100.
Thats a very small setup which can definately not have a bottleneck in mysql. ISPConfig 3 is known to handle a few thousand accounts per server and even on our server here we have a few hundred in the default configuration.

True, but at the moment I see what is hitting on the MySQL and it is almost exclusively ispconfig. ispconfig alone has usually more than 10 processes open / sleeping with 50% of them over 10 seconds duration. Is that normal?
Yes, thats normal and does not indicate any problems.
Till Brehm
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