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Originally Posted by till View Post
I dont think that there is any general problem in this setup as it works quite nicely on many large mailservers and I dont see such problems on our mailsystems.
OK - could you point me to an example my.cnf please that runs fine with ISConfig3?

On website scripts in busy websites you might have hundreds of simultanious accesses to the same database table, mysql is made to handle this.
Exactly. With ISPConfig 2 on a much weaker machine and the same occupation, I've almost never had these logs.

How many mail accounts do you have on that server?
25 so far. ISPConfig2 handled more that 100.

Also queries in state "Abgebrochen" dont have to be same queries that were logged in the postfix table.
True, but at the moment I see what is hitting on the MySQL and it is almost exclusively ispconfig. ispconfig alone has usually more than 10 processes open / sleeping with 50% of them over 10 seconds duration. Is that normal?
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