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1. I would like to know what I should switch on/off when menuconfig starts - to make console displayable ?
2. I have read that each new kernel version has slightly different config. How to manage it - by diff to see what is new , removed , depracated, my changes ?
3. which configuration file should I try to compile kernel for 64 bit oneiric ?
4. I have read that redhat 6 enterprise configuration is good but I am using ubuntu oneiric. Woul it be a problem ? I did not try to compile kernel yet.
5. I would like to make some settings by myself:
( at this moment I am using
tried as well:
---I have i7 2600k -- which setting may I use for this processor ?
I would like to try to have support avx instruction set.
found this:
or anything else may I try ?
Kernel Timer Frequency set to 1000 HZ
Transparent hugepage support enabled
is there anything else I can use within kernel compilation what coul be useful for i7 2600k processor and maximus iv extreme motherboard ?

6. is there any documentation on-line or book describing some examples what config settings is useful , many-times-used , usually-used for ? I am not saying all of it, but just some with explanation what is it for ?

I would like to learn more about kernel compilation to better understand.

thanks for any help, urls, descriptive examples , book/s links.
maximus iv extreme R3, BIOS:1850;i7 2600k(3.4GHz) OC:5.1GHz (air);16GB vengeance OC:1600MHz/;ATI HD 6990 830MHz(air);HDs SATA III/II,AHCI,hot-plug;Firewire PCI-E not detected;
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