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Default transferring mail accounts

Originally Posted by till View Post
The passwords in ispconfig 2 AND 3 use the same encryption method. This means that you can copy them from the /etc/passwd file to the password field in the mail_user, ftp_user and shell_user table without having to know them in cleartext nor having to recreate them.

Regarding the email accounts, in ispconfig 3, there is no separate username for email accounts as the email address itself is the username, this means that after you recreated the email mailboxes, you will have to tell your users that the new username is the email address and the password will remain the same if you copy it as explained above.

When it comes to the mailbox contnst, ispconfig 2 and 3 use both courier with maildir format, so you can copy the content of the maildir directories to the the new server. Just make sure that all maildirs in ispconfig 3 are owned by user and group vmail instead ofy a individual system user, so just chown them after you copied the files.
Hello Till,

i'm migrating old ISPC2 server to ISPC3 and have 2 questions:

1. I'm using multiserver setup on ISPC3. After i copy password hash from /etc/shadow to master database on ispc3, is there any way how to make slave mail server synchronise all db changes (new passwords) ?
I don't want to click to every mail account and change for example quota to have pass changes synchronized

2. all passwords in ISPC3 are starting with $1$ which has to be MD5, is it right?

some accounts in ISPC2 which password hasn't been changed for couple years doesnt start with $1$, the new ones do
Had ISPC2 been using some different encrypting earlier?
does it mean i'm not able transfer those accounts NOT starting with $1$ ?

I don't knot passwords corresponding to this old hashes, co i can't test
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