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Exclamation Setting-up DNS CentOS 5.7 x86_64 [ISPConfig 3]

Hi there,
I have found your tutorial a real piece of treasure, I loved following it.
I have installed my server with not a single problem.
BUT, on page 5 I have found these words: "I will use ISPConfig to configure BIND". I have finished the tutorial but I could not find the details about how to configure the DNS for my website.
I have also purchased the manual, checked the section when describing how to set-up the dns ( Add DNS Zone) but I do not find it explicit enough.

Sorry for the long story but I want to have it solved.

I am behind one router connected to my providers cable modem.
I have my static fixed IP:
I have build the server using as IP, as GW (IP or the router) and localhost as hostname

I have created a client, a website, a DB, a shell-user, and a ftp user, all fine, I can see my page from LAN from my laptop (
Now what I would like to create would be ns1 and ns2 that i have to provide to the maintainer of my domain (
In the manual, at page 154 I have found these words: "Fill in the IP address that should point to" what is the IP that I will use? my 89.xx.xx.xx or my 192.xx.xx.xx ?
I think that a great improvement to the manual would be to insert some real life scenarios not only the and the virtual IPs that were used.

Thank you in advance.
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