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Default Failover with public IPs

First of all sorry for my english (I'm from argentine)
I have a server wich I setup with this great guide
and is working great with a few websites and domains. Now, looking for information for setup a second server (for failover purpose) that will be in another phisical place with another ip and internet connection I found this 2 excelents howtos:

This howtos are for use with private IPs (lan) and I want to setup 2 servers in different locations; both with public statics IP. Can I do this with a VPN? If the internet connection of one server goes down would the other server take the job?

Another thing...

The howtos are only for web server and I want to failover all the services (web, mail, ftp, etc)

I found another thread where people are talking about UNISON for this job

but I think unison is for replication and not for the failover purpouse. In that thread a user says that he could setup this with unison.

Is there any way to setup this in a free way? (not paying another service for the failover purpouse)

Thanks in advance
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