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I wish. "They" don't install another app on the systems. Use existing browser so there's not one more thing to support.

It doesn't have to be to where they can access via Just some way to keep users chrooted so rsync can backup over ssh and they can login via a web page to get their files if they need to restore something. Just didn't know if i had to setup a subdomain for each user to accomplish this or if it could be done some other way.

On a none ISPConfig system I could just create a chrooted ssh user for rsync usage and configure a PHP based file manager to give users access to their files. I may try the same approach here. As long as the PHP file manager is able to access the different user areas on the server. I'll just have to experiment. Just new to ISPConfig and didn't know if there was a more straight forward way of setting this up to achieve the goal without having to install additional things.

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