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1. My ISPConfig version is the 'ISPConfig Version:'

2. Under 'System > Server Config > Web' I saw that

Website basedir: /var/www
Website path: /var/www/clients/client[client_id]/web[website_id]
Website symlinks: /var/www/[website_domain]/:/var/www/clients/client[client_id]/[website_domain]/
Vhost config dir: /etc/apache2/sites-available
Vhost config enabled dir: /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
Security level: High
Test apache configuration on restart: ACTIVETED
Apache user: www-data
Apache group: www-data
Apache php.ini path: /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini
CGI php.ini path: /etc/php5/cgi/php.ini
PHP open_basedir: [website_path]/web:[website_path]/tmp:/var/www/[website_domain]/web:/srv/www/[website_domain]/web:/usr/share/php5:/tmp:/usr/share/phpmyadmin:/etc/phpmyadmin:/var/lib/phpmyadmin
.htaccess AllowOverride: All
Apps-vhost port: 8081
Apps-vhost IP: _default_
Apps-vhost Domain:
awstats conf folder: /etc/awstats
awstats data folder: /var/lib/awstats script: /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ script: /usr/share/awstats/tools/
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