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Originally Posted by till View Post
You mix up spamfilter and postfix whitelists here. The postfix whitelist is not related to amavisd/ spamassassin, Postfix whitelist is used when you block e.g. mails with RBL's in postfix and you want to whitelist some addresses from these rbl blocks.

Emails are scanned for spam and marked as spam by amavis/spamassassin. Amavisd has its own white and blacklists, foiund in the spamfilter section.
Thank you, Till.
Before, I had already test also from Spafilter whitelist...but the result not's look that the whitelist is not consider...

Following the previous example i had:

- logged in the ispconfig of;
- browse to "Email" -> "Spamfilter" -> "Whitelist";
- here I add a whitelist record and i had put:

Email: (just the domain in order to grab wole the account there...)
Priority: 5
Active: yes

then saved.
For additional security i had also restart postfix. But the result it's the samer. The serverdomain is not whitelisted...still in spam...
There are other that i can control in order to make this works?

Thank you.
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