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Default Ispconfig Global (and per-user) whitelist/blacklist problem


we are experiencing a problem with the whitelist/blacklist on the global preference (but also in the per-user preference).
From the ispconfig interface i'm able to setup the whitelisted address but the whitelist it's not consider from the mailserver (postfix).
Mmmh try to explain better with an example.

--- Eg.

Destination email (email domain hosted on ispconfigserver):
Sender email (external email):

From the ISPCONFIG interface I browse in "Email" -> "Global Filters" -> "Postfix Whitelist".
There I have added a new "Whitelist Record" with the following data:

Server: (the server where it's hosted)
Whitelist Address:
Type: Recipient (but I have tried also with Sender, and the results are not changed..)
Active: yes (actived)

After that, i have tried to send an email from to
and was marked as SPAM...


My ISPConfig version is

Someone can put me some istruction on what I can try in order to get the whitelisting working?
I hope to have explain in clear way what's my problem.

Thank you.
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