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Default Postfix: can send emails outside, none received

Basic situation:

Centos 5.7 installed, with ISPCONFIG3 on top.

Web services are ok, Squirrelmail logs in, sends mail.

I created via ispconfig several email addresses.

I can send mail to external accounts (yahoo, gmail, etc).

I can log in into these accounts without any problems, via webmail and pop3 or imap.

I can send email from these accounts to any external accounts, via webmail or pop3/imap.



Any mail sent TO these accounts is not delivered either to the webmail interface or via download to a pop3 client. I don't get a bounce and as far as I can tell, the server accepts the mail and removes it from the queue. Then it just goes into a black hole.

Any mail sent between these accounts is also lost in the void.

I repeat, all these accounts send mail to outside world without any issues and all log in/out just fine.


What I have done this far is to play around with the mydestination variable, no effects ( that I can tell).

A possible source of the problem might be this warning message I get:

warning: do not list domain in BOTH mydestination and virtual_mailbox_domains

** stands for the domain I'm using.

*** Any ideas?

**** Ispconfig might be a source of the problem ?

***** I don't think its a dns issue, since both and point to the same ip - and I can actually see in the log that the mail does arrive.

****** Additional weirdness: seems that for any email account except the first one, I can log in, send mail, but when sending TO these, I get a bounce. So my server has the account, since it allows me to log in into webmail interface. But when receiving mail, it sais that it does not exist? At this point I'm really tempted to junk the whole mail system and move the service to my old Hmail on a win2k3 box

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