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Default DNS Wizard template question

Hello all,

I have a question. If you have been noticing ISPC has option to disable field like Domain, IP address, NS 1,NS 2 and email in DNS Wizard template.

My question is other than disabling Email and NS2 field, I'm curious whether IP address field can be disable? I try to disable it but during DNS zone creation with wizard the IP address field only have {IP} in its field and the domain can't propagate to the website.

but I have seen some other DNS provider where your client can just enter their host nameserver. Example: and (without adding IP) and the domain propagate to the client website.

Does it actually possible? Key in both the nameserver and domain name without IP? or my question don't make any sense because I can't see how domain can't work without IP in A records.

Thanks for your time.
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